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These tools are intended to be used for your reference & are licensed as freeware. They are not meant to be end all, be all utilities. You may use these tools in anyway you wish. Commercial or other non-personal use is ok, just as long as you leave the copyright & author information intact. Instead of re-distributing this software, please link to this site. You can get examples of links Here .

Most of them have been written using Free Format RPG IV/ILE (RPG Free) & many of them utilize my own service program ( ISTPRCR ). This service program is contains several common procedures that I have written. Some of the procedures that are included are:
  1. Center - Center text in a variable
  2. ObjText - Retrieve the text of an object
  3. LCase - Convert Text to lower case (Using the system language)
  4. UCase - Convert Text to upper case (Using the system language)
  5. ExecuteCommand - Run an RPG/i5(AS400) command using the QCAPCMD API
  6. CheckCommand - Validate & return the proper syntax of a command using the QCAPCMD API
  7. SystemValue - Return an oprerating system value using the QWCRSVAL API
  8. SndPgmMsg - Send a Program Message using the QMHSNDPM API
  9. SndUsrMsg - Send a User Message using the QMHSNDM API
  10. MbrText - Retrieve a member's text using the QUSRMBRD API
  11. RtvSysName - Retrieve the RPG/i5(AS400) system name using the QWCRNETA API
  12. FileInfo - Retrieve physical file information (records, size, etc..) using the QUSRMBRD API
These are just some of the procedures that are included with each download. Plus more are always being added.

These RPG source samples/examples are designed to be generic in nature & very little hard coding has been used. In all cases I have used RPG IV & in most I have used Free Format RPG.

I have tried to take advantage of the AS400 system APIs & built in RPG IV/ILE functions (BIFS) wherever possible. You are encouraged to modify the source to suit your needs & to learn from my mistakes. If you do make any enhancements, by all means upload ). them back to this site, I will be glad to post them. Also, If you have any suggestions for new tools or enhancements, please send them to me as well.

Please remember, the primary purpose of this site is not just to give away free software. It is to share knowledge! That knowledge is primarily directed at the RPG/i5 (AS400) platform & RPG, but as you can see from my other downloads section, I am willing to share any knowledge that is helpful.

I would highly reccomend that you download the CMPANYSRC command. This command will make a lot easier to use the Free RPG/i5 (AS400) Tools . This command can also be very useful in your own environment when trying to establish standards for compiling objects.

Just a Note: If you have some time on your hands (Like I wish I did) & you would like to make an enhancement to one of these tools. The indent utility is in desperate need of an upgrade. It needs to be able to indent Free Format RPG & there are a few tweaks it could use for the other forms of RPG as well dealing with longer field names & things like the eval statement. I haven't had the time to do this myself, so if you are interested I would be willing to offer a free membership to anyone who does it. Please send me an e-mail if you are interested.

Please keep in mind, (as it is with all freeware/shareware) this software is supported by you (hence the reason I give you the source). I will be more than happy to answer your e-mails (if I can), but I am not glued to my computer. So please do not be disappointed if your e-mails don't get answered right away.
Some of the more popular utilities you will find here are:
  1. CALCDATE - Calculate Date with RPG Date Fields
  2. CHGCURUSR - Change the currently signed on user
  3. CMPANYSRC - Compile Any Source Member
  4. CVTRPGEND - Convert RPG End Statements
  5. CVTSPLF - Convert an RPG/i5 (AS400) Spool File to PDF or HTML document.
  6. DLTOSPLF - Delete old Spool Files
  7. FTPGEN - Generate FTP Script to Allow Re-Upload
  8. FTPSRC - Download Source Members VIA FTP
  9. GETFFD - Get/Display Field Field Layout
  10. POPMSG - Display Message in a Popup Window
  11. RECORDS - Show Number of Records in a File
  12. RTVSRC - Retrieve Source from ILE Modules
  13. SETDBG - Set Source Debug Screen to 132 Columns
  14. SQL - Run any SQL Command
  15. SRDESC - Save & Restore Member Text
  16. WRKDBF - Work with Database File V10.11.03
  17. DSPUSRSPC - Display User Space
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